Circulating Tumor Cells

Circulating Tumor Cells

Automated detection and characterization of rare and circulating tumor cells (CTC)

BioView’s CTC application was designed to automate the imaging and detection of rare and circulating tumor cells, while its unique analysis algorithms provide a set of

Research Application

Research Application

Automated cell and signal characterization for development of existing as well as new assays

BioView’s research application was designed to extract, compute and display measurements of different cellular and signal properties captured by BioView’s scanning systems, in order

Urine Cytology

Automated imaging & analysis application for the identification of urothelial carcinoma cells

BioView’s urine cytology application provides an automated imaging and analysis solution for rapid, on-screen identification, verification and investigation of urothelial carcinoma cells in cytological samples.

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Automated imaging & analysis application for diagnosing of cervical samples hybridized with FISH probes

BioView’s cervical FISH application was designed to rapidly scan for thousands of cells prepared using either cell drop, membrane filtration or smears, preparation methodologies.

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FDA cleared and CE marked for bladder samples hybridized with Abbott’s UroVysion™ FISH probe

BioView’s automated application for the imaging and analysis of cells in voided urine samples facilitates and eases case review and reporting processes.

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Tissue Micro Array

Walk-away, automated analysis of Tissue Microarrays slides

BioView’s TMA application enables analysis of TMA slides with minimal to no user interaction with the microscope. When combined with BioView’s automated Tissue FISH application, the two simplify and facilitate the process of

Tissue Matching

Automated matching of consecutive tissue sections

BioView’s tissue matching application enables automated FISH scans of specific regions of interest by digitally matching and transferring specific regions of interest marked by the pathologist, on to parallel tissue sections stained with IHC

Solid Tumors

Solid tumor FISH application suite tailored to the most commonly used commercial FISH probes

BioView’s solid tumor FISH package provides a comprehensive, all inclusive automated scanning and analysis applications coverage of all commercially available FISH probes. This application suite instantly


FDA cleared and CE marked automated imaging & analysis application for FFPE lung tissue sections

BioView’s FDA cleared application for FFPE lung tissue sections, hybridized with Vysis ALK Break Apart FISH Probe kit, automatically captures and analyzes the selected regions