About Us


BioView develops, manufactures and markets innovative automated cell imaging and analysis solutions for use in cytology, cytogenetic, pathology clinical and research laboratories.
Operating since 2000, BioView is headquartered in Israel and has a fully owned subsidiary in the Unites States, which is responsible for sales and support in America. Products are also an internationally distributed by Abbott Molecular.

Founded and managed by experts, BioView leverages its knowledge and extensive expertise in the areas of medical devices combined with clinical and research applications, in creating its breakthrough imaging and analysis solutions.

Lead by senior executives with vast accumulated experience in both the development and successful marketing of solutions such as diagnostic equipment with vision applications, BioView remains one step ahead of the game with assay-specific applications ready for use even before the tests reach the market.

Technological Excellence

BioView’s proprietary imaging, analysis and review technology automatically controls fully motorized fluorescent and bright-field microscopes equipped with high resolution cameras. This automates the review, analysis and reporting processes and reduces laboratories’ turn-around time on labor intensive tests.
BioView’s scanning equipment and imaging & analysis algorithms have been tested and validated by world leading institutes, and have been proven to meet the requirements of both research and clinical laboratories. Its commitment to always meet market trends, support new and emerging tests, and implement the most advanced imaging and optical solutions, while optimizing workflows, reinforces BioView’s position as an industry leader.

FDA Clearance & Regulatory Approvals

BioView’s DUET imaging and analysis platform has received FDA clearance for several FISH applications for cancer detection and diagnosis and detection of genetic aberrations.
Bioview products have CE marking, as well as a Korean, Australian and Thai FDA approval. The company is continually expanding its regulatory approval reach to additional countries.

BioView’s Noninvasive, Early Detection Lung Cancer Test

The company is currently developing and plans to market its proprietary, self-developed test for noninvasive early detection of lung cancer, combining a biological test kit and BioView’s unique Target FISH application.