Circulating Tumor Cells

Automated detection and characterization of rare and circulating tumor cells (CTC)

BioView’s CTC application was designed to automate the imaging and detection of rare and circulating tumor cells, while its unique analysis algorithms provide a set of mathematically based cellular and signal features. These features are vital for assay development and characterization, they improve the sensitivity of detection, reduces analysis time and enable progress validation of research projects.

As the identification and quantification of CTC in peripheral blood sample is an extremely lengthy process, and as CTC research becomes more clinically-oriented, so grows the need for an automated, high-throughput system with specialized algorithms for the detection of the cells of interest. BioView’s CTC application incorporates field-proven algorithms, developed in collaboration with leading cancer research centers worldwide, making it the ideal solution for both clinical and research laboratories looking to enhance their productivity and assay development process.

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