A robust, easy to use integrated solution that streamlines Karyotyping imaging and analysis processes using tools and features professionals require

BioView’s wide range of automated Karyotyping imaging and analysis platforms ensure optimal solutions for various sample volumes and automation level requirements.
BioView Karyotyping platforms offer a robust, yet easy to use, integrated solution with a refreshing look, centered around streamlined interaction using features and tools specifically designed to simplify and expedite karyotype case analysis and reporting.

Offering cutting-edge AI-based analysis, innovative features and tools specifically designed to simplify and expedite case review and reporting.

An innovative approach dramatically enhances technician efficiency and productivity and introduces first of a kind supervisor monitoring tools and complementary ISCN results generator that is directly linked to an online supporting cytogenetics database.

Utilizing BioView SoloWeb, Karyotype cases can be reviewed, analyzed and reported via standard web browsers, using any computer.
BioView’s SoloWeb was designed to meet laboratories needs for a practical, cost effective, responsive, scalable solution that will allow staff to carry on with the analytical workload from any location.

The application is not available in all markets.

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