Solid tumor FISH application suite tailored to the most commonly used commercial FISH probes

BioView’s solid tumor FISH package provides a comprehensive, all inclusive automated scanning and analysis applications coverage of all commercially available FISH probes. This application suite instantly extends pathology laboratories’ FISH test range, eases the tedious process involved in the analysis of tissue sections, and reduces operator and turnaround time. The applications cover automated imaging and analysis of FISH probes hybridized tissue sections.

With remarkable progress in the understanding of various solid tumors, the portfolio of FISH probes targeting specific genes associated with different types of cancers has grown tremendously, along with the role they play in the diagnosis process. BioView’s commitment to the automation of newly available FISH probes ensures not only the automation of today’s probes, but also all future released, allowing laboratories to introduce new FISH assays and expend their portfolio with minimum effort.