Innovative CTC FISH test  for early diagnosis of lung cancer introduced by Sanmed Biotech

Introduction of the innovative “MDA TEST” for lung cancer early diagnosis. A session jointly organized by China Lung Cancer Prevention Alliance and Zhuhai Sanmed Biotech Ltd.

The MDA test is a lung nodule blood circulation abnormal cell detection technology, a clinical and practical early screening product for lung cancer. The technology uses fluorescence-labeled in situ hybridization to qualitatively detect the abnormal state of chromosomal mononuclear cells in human peripheral blood to perform auxiliary diagnosis of benign and malignant lung nodules.

View the Webex record chaired by:

Professor Bai Chunxue, Chairman of the China Lung Cancer Prevention Alliance, Director of the Shanghai Institute of    Respiratory Diseases, and Director of the Institute of Respiratory  Diseases of Fudan University

Professor Ruth L. Katz, former Director of Cytopathology at the MD Anderson Cancer Center

Professor Xu Tao, deputy Director of the ward of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine from the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University

Dr. Ye Xin, University of Illinois, USA, Zhuhai Sanmed Biotech Ltd. Director of Product Development & Assistant General Manager