Scanning Systems

Our wide portfolio of automated platforms and image analysis applications was designed to support the scanning requirements of any laboratory.

With versatility as the foundation of our development process, our products provide a solution for all sample volumes and types, automation levels (including manual, semi-automated and fully automated unattended scanning), slide loading systems, scanning configurations, and multiple applications.

By maximizing versatility our platforms provide the ideal solution for any budget, sample volume and type, and specific workflow.



Greatly improve productivity with walk-away automation.
Minimal user intervention and a high capacity slide loader, enable continuous capture and analysis, even overnight and throughout the weekend.


Feel confident knowing accuracy and reproducibility are met at the highest level. Applying algorithm-based detection and measurement tools to high quality images, ensures the same standardized scoring methods are used every time.


Increase user comfort. Minimal operator intervention in automated scanning procedures, minimizes hands-on microscope usage, reduces prolonged sitting, strenuous visual demands and exhausting repetitive adjustments.

Analysis & Reporting

Review Workstations

Designed by a multidisciplinary team of biologists, physicists and software engineers with vast experience developing workflow solutions for both clinical and research applications; our popular line of review workstations support on-screen review, analysis and reporting

These easy-to-use, highly professional tools enable a local or remote, streamlined review process that optimizes staff resources, increases efficiency and supports flexibility and mobility.

Our revolutionary on-screen sample reviewing processes, introduced technologies for tissue sample analysis, which has since become an industry standard.

Our Solo product line supports any laboratory workflow, local and remote, and is based on the same technical ingenuity.



Improve efficiency and productivity. An intuitive user-friendly interface, together with ergonomic solutions such as a web-based platform and touch screen technology, facilitate and simplify test review and analysis processes.


Enjoy the flexibility of the Solo product line. A full range of solutions for test analysis, reporting, consultation and training, all supported by embedded communication and management features; ensures the Solo product line supports any workflow at any laboratory.


Enable better communication between experts. SoloWeb’s remote review, analysis and reporting solution, connects the laboratory with external professionals (including cytologists, pathologists and care-givers), and increases the quality of the reported results.