Low Capacity | Image Capture, Analysis and Report Microscope Station | Versatile

Workbench microscope station for semi-automated fluorescent imaging & analysis

ACCORD is a semi automatic fluorescent imaging system, with a single slide manual stage and sophisticated applications for scanning, analyzing and sorting a wide variety of FISH samples in real-time. ACCORD provides fast and accurate FISH analysis and identifies chromosomal aberrations (such as amplifications, translocations, inversions and deletions).

Accommodating multiple FDA cleared and CE marked FISH applications, ACCORD is a perfect fit for pathology laboratories looking to advance their analysis and reporting capabilities, and obtain high quality 3D digital images for documentation, reporting and archiving.


High quality imaging

BioView’s high quality imaging and optical components ensure superior imaging quality, reliability and ultimately more accurate results. They also provide professionals with clear, true, non-enhanced images on which they can perform a more precise analysis.

  • Fully equipped Fluorescent microscope, including filters and objectives
  • Oil immersion objectives for more accurate, finely detailed images
  • Software controlled filter and objective swap according to the specific probe scanned
  • Software controlled focus that automatically captures multiple focal layers
  • Sensitive, high resolution digital camera