Solo Touch Workstation

Stand-Alone | Touch Screen | Offline

Simple and intuitive remote review and analysis

SOLO TOUCH was designed to ease and streamline the review and analysis of test results, away from the microscope and on an intuitive touch screen. More specifically, the workstation was designed to facilitate the analysis of FFPE tissue sections hybridized with FISH probes. As the central element of BioView’s automated imaging & analysis solutions, SOLO TOUCH is a stand-alone workstation that includes advanced review and analysis tools, as well as report generation and archiving features, for the entire BioView application portfolio.

SOLO TOUCH leverages the unique capabilities of the touch screen to create an integrated solution, improving both the ergonomics and user experience.

Improved productivity and cooperation

By facilitating and simplifying the test review and analysis processes, SOLO TOUCH improves efficiency and productivity, as well as cooperation between experts.