Online | Remote Workstation

TRUE web-based, simple and streamlined remote review and analysis for Karyotype and FISH samples

SOLOWEB provides complete and secure analysis, reporting and consulting on BioView-scanned cases, using standard web browsers, from any location. SOLOWEB is locally installed in the laboratory and employs embedded communication and management features.

This allows for real time remote review, analysis and reporting of cases by professional experts, as well as second opinion, consultation and guidance of cases.

The SoloWeb is not available in all markets.

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Improved productivity and cooperation

By facilitating, simplifying and making the test review and analysis processes accessible from any remote location, SOLOWEB improves efficiency and productivity, as well as cooperation between experts. Ultimately, better communication throughout the workflow increases the quality of the reported results.

With the increasing pressure placed on laboratories worldwide to reduce the costs associated with Karyotype / FISH analysis and reporting as well as whole slide digital review, and with the growing need for improved communication between the pathologists and the caregivers; BioView’s SOLOWEB provides this sought-after link and supports an efficient and cost effective workflow.

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